Ninety Plus

Panama Ninety Plus Perci Gesha


石榴。 黑巧克力。 小荳蔻。
Pomegranate. Dark Chocolate. Cardamom.

品種 藝伎 Gesha
處理法 厭氣日曬 Anaerobic, dried in cherry
產區 Silla de Pando, Volcan, Republic of Panama
Producer Ninety Plus Gesha Estate
Altitude 1500-1700masl
烘培程度 Light Roast


Ninety Plus是第一個日曬巴拿馬藝伎品種的咖啡。 Perci(即透視圖的縮寫)因其對日曬咖啡的發現和可能性的感覺而得名,該工藝始於2007年改變遊戲規則的事件。

在2007年將衣索比亞的第一批實驗日曬咖啡(經發酵和全果曬乾)的樣品從衣索比亞帶到巴拿馬,並與波格特 Boquete 的生產商家庭分享後,與 HiU Coffee 的 Graciano Cruz 和 Mama Cata 的 José David Garrido 進行了合作。 Ninety Plus第一次天然日曬處理的藝伎咖啡。

Perci 超級多汁,像石榴汁,中調有一些黑巧克力香氣,並帶有順滑的荳蔻餘味。 完美的傍晚咖啡。

Ninety Plus was the first to naturally process the gesha variety in Panama. Perci – short for perspective – is named for the sense of discovery and possibility with natural processing of coffee, which had its beginnings with game-changing events in 2007.

After bringing samples of its first experimental natural process coffees (fermented and dried in cherry) from Ethiopia to Panama in 2007 and sharing them with producer families in Boquete, a collaboration was made with Graciano Cruz of HiU Coffee and José David Garrido of Mama Cata to naturally process gesha for the first time for Ninety Plus.

The Perci is super duper juicy, like this pomegranate juice, with some dark chocolate notes on mid tone & finish with smooth cardamom aftertaste. The perfect evening coffee.

Brewing Recipe :

Brewing ratio 1 : 17
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 250ml
Water temperature 96ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 6th of June ( Pre-order ) 預購

Roast in Panama, ships by mid of June 預購,六月中寄出
500g pack roast to order, roast on the first week of following month & ships by mid-month

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