Ninety Plus

Panama Ninety Plus Kambera Gesha


Dark Chocolate. Maraschino Cherry. Plum.

品種 藝伎 Gesha
處理法 厭氣日曬 Anaerobic, dried in cherry
產區 Piedra Candela, Republic of Panama
Producer Ninety Plus Candela Estate
Altitude 1200-1550masl
烘培程度 Light Roast


2005年,Ninety Plus 創始人 Joseph Brodsky 第一次去衣索比亞,並決定在愛上了人們,食物,語言,文化和半茂密的森林之後,決定在未來幾年內在衣索比亞生活。

坎貝拉(Kambera)的名字來源於“坎皮”(Kampi Cooperative的所在地),這次訪問啟發了衣索比亞最荒涼的咖啡林一起徒步旅行,這也是 Ninety Plus 目前採用的咖啡重新造林模式)和“漿果”。 坎貝拉(Kambera)現在在巴拿馬的Ninety Plus Gesha Estates種植,該模型的概念證明是從約瑟夫(Joseph)第一次造訪衣索比亞咖啡社區和咖啡荒野而得到啟發的。

這支藝伎令人難以置信地多層次並充滿活力,中間色調是黑巧克力味,可愛的黑櫻桃味櫻桃和李子甜味。 最適合炎熱的下午,清新的一杯咖啡。

In 2005, Ninety Plus Founder, Joseph Brodsky, travelled to Ethiopia for the first time and decided to make it home for the coming years, having fallen in love with the people, the food, the language, the culture, and the semi-forested coffee lands in Ethiopia’s southwest.

Kambera derives its name from “Kampi” (site of Kampi Cooperative, a visit to which inspired – along with a hike to Ethiopia’s wildest coffee forests on the same trip – the coffee reforestation model currently employed at Ninety Plus) and “berry”.  Kambera is now cultivated at Ninety Plus Gesha Estates in Panama, a proof of concept of the model inspired by Joseph’s very first visits to Ethiopian coffee communities and coffee wilderness.

This gesha is incredibly complex & vibrant, with a dark chocolate note on mid tone, lovely maraschino cherries & plum sweetness. A refreshing coffee best enjoy on a hot evening. 

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 17
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 250ml
Water temperature 96ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 6th of June (Pre-order) 預購

Roast in Panama, ships by mid of June
500g pack roast to order, roast on the first week of following month & ships by mid-month 
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