Malaysia Sabah Ranau Honey Processed Green Beans 馬來西亞 沙巴 金納巴魯山 沙巴利卡 蜜處理生豆


熱帶水果。 甘蔗。 蜂蜜。
Tropical Fruit. Sugarcane. Honey.

品種 Catimor & Typica
Honey Processed
產區 Ranau, Sabah
Producer Fabien William
年份 January 2022 (一月)
Tasting Notes
Tropical fruit. Hazelnut sweetness. Medium body. Cocoa smooth lingering finish
數量 1kg


Sabarica 是沙巴精品阿拉比卡咖啡豆的處理廠,座落在沙巴州京那巴魯山脈與當地人種植咖啡豆。1950年代,京那巴魯山(Mount Kinabalu)的當地人引入咖啡種子並開始種植咖啡。品種多數是卡迪摩 Catimor 和 鐵皮卡 Typica,種植在海拔 1300-1450 米以上

近年來,Sabarica 的創辦人 Jackz Lee 與當地咖啡農戶的合作,以及農業部的支持下,採用最佳實踐咖啡處理法製作精品阿拉比卡咖啡豆。通過 Sabarica 對咖啡莊園的持續管理,當地咖啡館可以品嚐新鮮烘焙的咖啡豆,同時幫助當地小農和他們的咖啡農場發展。


豆子經過一晚的發酵脱果膠。第二天再清洗一次,然後放在小溫室和高架床上的太陽日曬 7-14 天。這樣可以使豆子在通風條件下更加均勻和緩慢曬乾,也可以延長生豆的保質期限至 16-18 個月也有非常好的風味。另外,溫室也可以保護豆子免受雨水和強風的侵襲。

這批次是 AAA 特別篩選最大顆的豆子,並且經過再三挑選以確保零瑕疵豆。我們建議您豆子烘到淺至中焙範圍。

Sabarica is a coffee producer for Sabah’s coffee (Coffea arabica species) harvested with love through sustainable management practices with local coffee plantations in the foothills of Mt Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo.

Plantation of coffee was introduced to locals at Mount Kinabalu in the 1950s yet commercial harvesting with good processing methods was re-introduced to locals again in recent years through the collaboration between Sabarica and the local coffee farmers and with support from our Agriculture Dept.

This is the year 2022 batch. Coffee cherries were handpicked and pickers are trained to pick only ripe cherries. Once picked, it's washed immediately with fresh clean mountain water and remove all unripe floaters at the same time. The coffee cherry in whole is poured into depulper to remove cherry skin. The cherry skin is sundried and made into cascara tea

The beans in parchment go into fermentation for a night to remove the sticky layer called mucilage. It's washed again the next day and bring to small greenhouses & sundry on raised beds for 7-14 days. This makes the beans dry in more gentle even heat with aeration, which helps to prolong the green beans shelf life. Also, gives protection to beans from rain & strong wind. 

This batch is the AAA largest bean size and triple sort & picked to ensure zero defects, a specialty grade coffee beans produced in Malaysia.

We recommend a roast level range of light to medium roast. 

一公斤裝在 1-2 工作日內出貨,5kg 以上預訂從馬來西亞運出
1kg pack ships within 1-2 working days, 5kg order above pre-order ship from Malaysia