Indonesia Sulawesi Toraja Pulu Pulu To'Barana 印尼 蘇拉威西 Toraja Pulu Pulu


百香果. 鳳梨. 花香.
Passion fruit. Pineapple. Floral.

品種 Typica, S795 & Caturra
處理法 Natural
產區 Sulawesi
烘培程度 Medium Roast


Toraja Pulu Pulu位於Toraja北部地區的Sesean山上,在海拔2100米處(masl)達到最高峰。 Pulu Pulu村的土地面積為1600-1800馬爾斯朗,是整個 Toraja 最高的咖啡種植地區,同樣由單個小農經營。

採摘成熟的咖啡果後,將其整體放在高架床上曬2至3週。 生產商通過在發酵,洗滌,乾燥和分類中的精心維護,不斷提高質量。 她在單層房屋的頂部建造了一個溫室,僅可烘乾最優質的咖啡。

這是一種超級稀有且經過良好處理的日曬印尼咖啡。 有百香果,鳳梨果汁口感,餘韻有蔓越莓巧克力。早晨享受一杯令人愉快的咖啡!

Toraja Pulu Pulu is located on Mount Sesean in the northern region of Toraja where it peaks at 2100 meter above sea level (masl). Pulu Pulu village ranges from 1600-1800 masl that is the highest coffee planting region in the whole of Toraja and similarly they¡¦re run by individual smallholders

After ripe cherries are picked, it's sundried in raised beds in whole for 2-3 weeks. The producer is constantly improving the quality through great care in fermenting, washing, drying, & sorting. She has built a greenhouse on top of a single storey house to dry only the highest quality coffee.

This is a super rare and well processed natural Indonesia coffee.?Juicy mouthfeel with passion fruit, pineapple & red floral mouthfeel plus cranberry chocolate finish. A delightful coffee to enjoy in the morning!

Brewing Recipe :

Brewing ratio 1 : 1.5
Ground coffee 20g
Espresso output 30g
Brew time 28-33 seconds
Brewing ratio 1 : 11
Ground coffee 20g
Total water 210ml
Water temperature 93oc
Brew time 2-3 minutes
Roast Date 6th of June 六月六號