Aitch Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Wush Wush


Black Tea. Floral. Jasmine.

品種 Heirloom
Fully Washed
產區 Keffa
烘培程度 Medium Roast
Tasting Notes
Black Tea. Floral. Jasmine.
數量 250g


Ethiopia may be the birthplace of coffee, but is it a complex country when it comes to regions and identification. An Ethiopian coffee can be identified in various ways, including region, zone, processing mill or simply by a local name.

Wush Wush is a town located in the Keffa region in southern Ethiopia. This coffee is bought through a direct trade partnership with Homeland Organic Coffee estate.

Sorted, depulped & demucilaged are wet fermented in concrete tanks. Then the beans are rinsed in channels and floaters removed. It's dried under shade on raised beds with further sorting and then moved to beds in full sun drying. At night, the coffees are covered to protect from cold and potential frost.

This medium roast coffee makes a jammy & super sweet espresso. On long black or americano, you'll get the soothing floral blossom of jasmine. We like to brew with on French Press for a medium full bodied morning cuppa.

Brewing Recipe : 

15g of coffee to 250g of water
2.30 minutes

Roasted on 3rd of November 十一月三號
50g & 250g pack coffee ship in 1-2 working days