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Brazil Fazenda Caxambu 巴西 Caxambu 莊園


Pink Guava. Honey. Water Chestnut.

品種 Catuai
Pulped Natural Processed
產區 Tres Pontas
Producer Carmem Lucia Chaves De Brito
烘培程度 Medium Roast 
Tasting Notes
Pink Guava. Honey. Water Chestnut.
數量 200g


Caxambu 位於米納斯吉拉斯州南部連綿起伏的丘陵中,海拔 930 至 1,150 米,靠近小鎮 Três Pontas。這個溫帶地區的平均氣溫在 21°C 到 23°C 之間,年平均降雨量為 1800 毫米,是生產咖啡的理想條件。

農場的咖啡果在完全成熟時由人工採摘,經過各種通道以避免收穫青櫻桃。這個特別的批次由使用自然方法加工的 100% Rubí 櫻桃組成。櫻桃被小心地運送到農場廣闊的露台上晾乾,沒有被製漿。到達那里後,它們會定期轉動以確保均勻乾燥。一旦豆子達到最佳濕度,它們就會被存放在農場專門建造的倉庫中,直到它們準備好研磨,然後出口。

“Caxambú”在非裔印度語中的意思是“音樂盒”。它是一個像徵,為農場的咖啡帶來不尋常的音樂感。當地相傳“地球承載我們,守護我們的腳步。天堂滋養我們的靈魂和心靈,讓我們享受生命中獨一無二的時刻。” Carmem Lucia 和她的家人還認為,每一粒咖啡都承載著它所經過的地方和手的歷史。


Caxambu lies at between 930 and 1,150 metres above sea level in the rolling hills of south Minas Gerais, close to the small town of Três Pontas. This temperate region has average temperatures of between 21°C and 23°C, with an annual rainfall average of 1800mm - ideal conditions for producing coffee.

The farm’s cherries are picked by hand when they are fully ripe, with various passes to avoid harvesting green cherries.  This particular lot is made up of 100% Rubí cherries that were processed using the natural method. The cherries are carefully delivered to dry on the farm’s extensive patios without being pulped. Once there, they are turned regularly to ensure even drying. Once the beans reach optimum humidity they are rested in the farm’s purpose-built warehouses until they are ready to be milled and, then, exported.

“Caxambú” means ‘music box’ in a mix of Afro-Indian language. It is a symbol that brings uncommon musicality to the farm’s coffees. Local legends have it that “The Earth carries us and guards our steps. Heaven feeds our Soul and Heart to enjoy the unique moments of life.”  Carmem Lucia and her family also hold that each bean of coffee takes with it the history of the places and hands it has passed through.

This coffee has a straight chocolate note on the first sip. You'll get a juicy mouthfeel of orange and hints of hazelnut nutty notes on the aftertaste. 

Brewing Recipe : 

18g of coffee yield to 32g of espresso
25 - 30 seconds

18g of coffee to 290ml of water
3 minutes. Yield 260-270ml

Roasted on 17th of August 八月十七號
100g & 200g pack whole bean coffee ships within 1 - 2 working days.