Artisan Roastery

Brazil Carmo Estate 巴西 卡莫莊園


Yellow Plum. Wild Honey. Pistachio.

品種 Catuai
Natural Processed
產區 Heliodora
Producer Tulio Henrique Renno Junqueira
烘培程度 Medium Roast
數量 200g


Carmo Estate 的使命是生產優質咖啡豆。 Tulio's 在他的 220 公頃土地上種植了許多品種,這個特別的地段是 100% Catuai,只有在成熟時才手工採摘,然後在農場寬敞的露台上曬乾。 研磨設備專為生產高品質咖啡而開發。該農場還開展了一項創新的利潤分享計劃,邀請員工成為合作夥伴,並有權分享咖啡銷售的利潤。

這是一支香濃的的咖啡,專門烘焙以與牛奶完美搭配。 您會在拿鐵得到野生蜂蜜的甜感和黃李子的口感上獲得開心果奶油味。 它是完美的早晨咖啡。

Carmo Estate's mission is to produce exceptional coffees. Tulio's planted many varietals across his 220 ha and this particular lot is 100% Catuai which hand-picked only when ripe, then dried in the sun on farm's spacious patios. The milling facilities were developed particularly for the production of high quality coffee.

The farm also runs an innovative profit-sharing programme, in which employees are invited to become partners and entitled to share of profits from coffee sales.

This coffee is a bold and pungent coffee, roasted specially to pair well with milk. You'll get a pistachio buttery notes on flat white, wild honey sweetness & yellow plum mouthfeel. The perfect morning coffee it is. 

Roasted on 8th of November 十一月八號