The Fairy Pitta 八色精靈


玫瑰茶。 野生漿果。 紅蘋果。
Rose Tea. Wild Berries. Red Apple.

80% Ethiopia Red Cherry Yirgacheffe
20% Malaysia Liberica Natural Processed

Tasting Note :

手沖 - 玫瑰茶,野果,李子,紅蘋果,肉桂,氣泡酒。
濃縮咖啡 - 藍莓,桃子,太妃糖,青蘋果酸度,順滑口感和很長水果尾韻。

手沖 - Tea Rose, wild berries, plum, red apple, cinnamon, boozy finish.
義式 - Blueberry, peach, toffee, green apple acidity, good round body, long fruity finish.

Roaster Note :

我們很榮幸的 Fairy Pitta 在2017年澳大利亞國際咖啡獎(AICA)的2個類別(過濾咖啡和特濃混合咖啡)中均獲得了銅牌。

我們非常興奮和激動,我們的綜合豆“ Fairy Pitta”(含有馬來西亞賴比瑞卡和衣索比亞耶加雪菲咖啡)已躋身國際舞台,當然,我們都為我們的國家和當地的農業努力感到自豪!

感謝澳洲邀請我們參加本次比賽,並感謝我們的努力和辛勤工作。 Beam 團隊將像往常一樣保持謙虛的工作,並為國家和世界帶來更多優質的咖啡。

We are truly grateful that our new blend “Fairy Pitta” has won bronze medals in 2 categories of the Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) 2017 (Both Filter Coffee Category & Espresso Blend Category).

We are extremely thrilled and excited that our coffee blend “Fairy Pitta” which contains Malaysia Liberica & Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has made it to the international stage, and of course, made us all proud of our nation & local agricultural effort!

Thank you, Australia for inviting us to this competition and acknowledged our beans & hard work. The Beam Team will keep up our work as humble as usual, and bring more good coffee to the country and to the world.

Shipper Note :

將兩種具有水果爆炸性的日曬咖啡混合在一起,製得一杯多層次又香甜的漿果和波羅蜜風味。 非常甜美多汁的口感,帶有悠長的酒香尾韻!

A blend with two natural processed fruit bomb coffees, the result is a cup of complex yet complimenting fruity notes of berries and jackfruit. Absolutely sweet and juicy cup, with a long finish of winey boozy note! 

Brewing Recipe : 

Espresso - White
Brewing ratio 1 : 1.4
Ground coffee 20g
Espresso output 28g
Brew time 30-35 seconds
Espresso - Black
Brewing ratio 1 : 1.5
Ground coffee 20g
Espresso output 30g
Brew time 30-35 seconds
Roast level Medium Roast
Roast Date 7th of November 十一月七號

50g & 200g pack ships within 1-2 working days
一公斤裝預定烘焙,在 3-5 工作天內從馬來西亞寄出