Ninety Plus

Panama Drima Zede Green Beans


圖。黑巧克力。 丁香。
Fig. Dark Chocolate. Clove.

品種 Caturra
處理法 Special Fermentation
產區 Volcan
Producer Ninety Plus Gesha Estate
Altitude 1600-1700masl
年份 2020


九十加 Ninety Plus 是世界著名巴拿馬咖啡生產商,自2006年以來一直在改變其咖啡種植和營銷模式。NinetyPlus的故事始於衣索比亞,這裡是咖啡的故鄉,創始人約瑟夫·布羅德斯基(Joseph Brodsky)親手生產的第一批咖啡在世界比賽中令裁判們讚歎不已行業變革的浪潮。 Ninety Plus 特殊的“日曬處理”咖啡於2007年開始與巴拿馬的咖啡種植者共享,這引發了整個美洲特色咖啡處理實踐的全面改​​革。

如今,Ninety Plus 在巴拿馬西部高地擁有並經營著超過1000公頃的咖啡土地。該公司從巴拿馬生產的咖啡贏得了全球最高的價格,並被用來贏得過去6屆世界杯手沖咖啡錦標賽。

Drima Zede 由 Ninety Plus 於2013年在衣索比亞首次開發,旨在通過更深層的發酵來改善普通咖啡品種的風味。此處理配方現已應用於巴拿馬的卡杜拉(Caturra)品種,以創造出豐富而豐滿的口感,令人回想起設Shiraz 葡萄酒香


Ninety Plus is a coffee producer which has been transforming the coffee farming and marketing model since 2006. The Ninety Plus story begins in Ethiopia, coffee’s homeland, where its very first coffees produced by the hands of Founder Joseph Brodsky amazed judges in world competitions and created waves of change in the industry. The Ninety Plus special “natural process” coffees were shared with coffee growers in Panama beginning in 2007, and this initiated an overhaul of specialty coffee processing practices throughout the Americas.

Today, Ninety Plus owns and operates more than 1,000 hectares of coffee land in the western highlands of Panama. Its coffees from Panama have earned the world’s highest prices and have been used to win 5 of the past 6 World Brewers Cup Championships.

Drima Zede was first developed by Ninety Plus in Ethiopia in 2013 in a successful effort to improve the flavour of common coffee varieties through deeper fermentation. This processing formula is now applied to the caturra variety in Panama to create a rich and voluptuous cup, reminiscent of great Shiraz wine.

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