DaVinci Coffee

Nicaragua Mierisch Finca Las Placeres 尼加拉瓜 米耶瑞詡 愉悅莊園 酒香日曬


Black Dates. Raisins. Milo Chocolate.

品種 波旁
處理法 酒香日曬
Natural Processed
產區 米耶瑞詡
Altitude 840-970 masl
烘培程度 Light Roast
Tasting Notes 黑棗、葡萄乾、美祿巧克力、可可酒
Black Dates. Raisins. Milo Chocolate. Cocoa Liquor.



Los Placeres 是唯一獲得雨林聯盟認證的農場。擁有約28公頃的保護區,在專用於保護的土地方面,它僅次於利蒙希略。遵循雨林聯盟計劃的目標,我們旨在減少水污染,水土流失,浪費,水的使用以及對環境和人類健康的威脅。



In Nicaragua, the farms are located in the Matagalpa and Jinotega departments. Matagalpa is home to 6 farms, whereas Jinotega, a little bit farther north-west, is home to 3 farms . Each farm has a unique micro-climate and soil composition, which makes their management, and coffee quality, truly distinct from one another. 

Los Placeres is the only Rainforest Alliance certified farm. With 40 manzanas (roughly 28 hectares) of protected areas, it is second only to Limoncillo in terms of land dedicated to conservation. In following with the goals of the Rainforest Alliance program, we aim to decrease water pollution, soil erosion, waste, water usage, and threats to environmental and human health.

The most dangerous pesticides are prohibited, and all agrochemical use is strictly regulated. We make sure that wildlife habitat is protected by stopping deforestation, planting trees, and instituting buffer zones around river banks.

This natural processed coffee has lots of chocolate dominant notes pair with sticky dates & raisin sweetness. You'll get milo chocolate on the first sip, finish with cocoa liquor aftertaste. The perfect coffee to enjoy after lunch to keep the day going.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 92ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 5th of August 八月五號