Malaysia Ranau Sabarica Cascara 馬來西亞 沙巴 金納巴魯山 沙巴利卡 水洗 咖啡果茶


Carcara 在西班牙語中意為“果皮”,“果皮”或“皮膚”,是咖啡果實的外皮。 將整個咖啡果用乾淨的山泉水洗滌,然後從咖啡果中取出種子(咖啡豆)後,將果肉皮收集起來。最後,將它們在高架床和溫室上緩慢地曬乾。

這咖啡果皮茶由馬來西亞沙巴的 Sabarica 生產,品種為 Catimor &Typica, 生長在海拔1300-1500 米的地方,可欣賞京那巴魯山(Mount Kinabalu)的景色。 

您可以像茶一樣沖泡咖啡果皮茶! 明亮佛手柑的酸甜感,紅棗茶,櫻桃果汁般的口感,並帶有淡淡的花香餘韻。高抗氧化同時也些咖啡因,在炎熱的下午做冰果茶最適合不過!

Cascara, which means "husk", "peel" or "skin" in Spanish, is the dried skins of coffee cherries. The whole coffee cherries are washed with clean fresh mountain water, the pulped skins are then collected after the seeds (coffee beans) have been removed from the cherries, and finally, they are slowly sun-dried on a raised bed & greenhouse until it's ready! 

This Cascara is produced by Sabarica with a varietal of Catimor & Typica. Grown at 1300-1500 meters above sea level, with a view of Mount Kinabalu. Learn more about Malaysia Ranau Sabah here.

You can brew Cascara like tea! Refreshing bergamot brightness, with notes of red dates and cherry juiciness, finish with a hint of jasmine floral qualities. High in antioxidants, and you get some caffeine kick. The perfect iced cascara tea for a hot afternoon. 

Brewing Recipe

使用約 10 克 Cascara 和約 300 毫升開水。 浸泡5分鐘(或更長時間),然後享用。 完成後,重新裝滿沸水並再次浸泡。 您可以重複此過程數次,直到釀造失去甜味為止。

Use about 10g Cascara with about 300g boiling water. Steep for 5 minutes (or more) and enjoy. Once finished, refill with boiling water and steep again. You can repeat this process several times until the brew has lost its sweetness.

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