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Kenya Nyeri Nyeshun AB 肯亞涅里聶絲紅 AB


黑加侖。 野生蜂蜜。 巧克力。
Blackcurrant. Wild Honey. Chocolate.

品種 SL28 & SL34
處理法 水洗
產區 Nyeri
1600 - 1800 masl
烘培程度 Light Roast
數量 200g


Nyekundu在斯瓦希里語中是紅色的意思,而芙蓉是英語的芙蓉花,也指玫瑰茄,通常被稱為玫瑰茄。基於此風味軸,我們將這種高果味的肯亞Nyeshun命名為。我們創建並命名為Nye-SH-un,Nye-un取自斯瓦希里語的根,意思是紅色,SH取自Hibiscus / roSelle。聶順順的音譯為“聶絲紅”,或釋義為“羅神紅”,指出了主軸的主要風味,深而明亮的玫瑰茄紅色和華麗的風味,花蜜的細膩質地像絲綢一樣柔軟。

該批次來自肯尼亞著名的Nyeri生產區。杯測後,我們帶回了AA和AB級的豆子。肯亞的生豆處理是一個非常系統的產業鏈。農民合作社的加工廠(工廠),將咖啡果處理(發酵,洗滌,乾燥至帶殼豆的狀態)後,送至乾磨機進行初步精製處理(去殼,去除石頭,比重分選) ,粒度分級等),並根據生豆的大小分級AA,AB,C,E等。


Nyekundu means red in Kiswahili, while Hibiscus is the English hibiscus, which also refers to Roselle, and it is often referred to as Roselle. We named this highly fruity Kenyan Nyeshun based on this flavour axis. We created and named Nye-SH-un, Nye-un is taken from the root of Swahili meaning red, and SH is from Hibiscus/roSelle. Nyeshun's transliteration "Nie Si Hong", or paraphrase "Luo Shen Hong", points out the main flavour of the main axis, deep and bright Roselle red and gorgeous flavour, and the delicate texture of nectar is as soft as silk.

This batch is from the well-known Nyeri production area in Kenya. After cupping, we brought back both the AA and AB versions. The processing of green beans in Kenya is a very systematic industrial chain. The processing plant of the farmers' cooperative society (Factory), after the processing of coffee cherries (fermentation, washing, drying to the state of shelled beans), Send to Dry Mill for preliminary refined treatment (hulling, stone removal, specific gravity sorting, and particle size grading, etc.), and grading AA, AB, C, E, etc. based on the size of the raw beans.

For such a must-have Kenya, no amount of explanation is superfluous. With the delicate silky taste like wild honey nectar sweetness, bright blackcurrant fruitiness that you often find in Kenyan coffee and gorgeous red flowers bloom in the deep and thick Kenyan complex layer tone. A wonderful coffee that must try for all Kenyan coffee fans.

Brewing Recipe :

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 92ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 20th of March 三月二十號