Brew & Bread


Kok Thong | Coffee Taster
Jia Jian | Coffee Roaster


Brew & Bread is a quality-focused boutique roaster dedicated to serving specialty grade coffees. Prides itself for offering a myriad of exceptionally high quality coffee, featuring small lot origins from the cult favourite Latin America to Africa and Asia.

KokThong being the lead of the brand is constantly travelling to different producing regions sourcing for unconventional and high quality greens. With a vast array of accreditations in their team(ranging from SCAE Barista, Brewing, Grinding, Roasting and Q-Grade) and stellar track record of more than 5 years in the industry, they are very certain in applying artisanal skills on all their produce especially in roasting, the fortress headed by Jian.

They believe that coffee should be more than just a quality beverage, it is also a portrait of one’s lifestyle. Their core concept is to unite the very best of craftsmanship and lifestyle, specially for those with an acquired taste. 


Giesen W6A Coffee Roaster


10, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla M 31/M
Shah Alam, Malaysia