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Tanzania Kilimajaro PB 坦尚尼亞 吉力馬札羅 珍珠圓豆


Ebony. Walnut. Caramel. Cigar.

Variety Bourbon
Processing Washed
Region Kilimanjaro
Altitude 2000 masl
Roast Level Medium Dark Roast

About this coffee :


Peaberries 珍珠原豆是咖啡種子的自然突變體,它形成一個單一的、小的、更圓的單位,而不是通常面對面坐在咖啡果中的兩個“扁豆”。 雖然預計在任何產量的 5% 到 12% 之間會自然產生豌豆漿果

這中深焙的咖啡可以製作出濃郁醇厚的咖啡。 帶有核桃、雪茄和焦糖的甜度。 一杯美妙的早晨茶,開啟您的一天。

Farmed on the volcanic slopes of the continent of Africa's highest mountain in northeastern Tanzania, Kilimanjaro coffee exhibits distinct origin tasting flavours along with a lovely body and shining acidity that have given it a reputation as one of Africa's best coffees.

Peaberries are a naturally occurring mutation of the coffee seed that forms a single, small, rounder unit than the two “flat beans” that typically sit face-to-face inside a coffee cherry. While somewhere between 5–12 percent of any yield can be expected to naturally develop peaberries, some coffee varieties and origins tend to see a higher occurrence of them, while in others they are uniformly sorted out of each lot in order to maintain screen-size uniformity.

This medium dark roast coffee makes a deep full bodied cuppa. With walnut, cigar and caramel sweetness. A great morning cuppa to kickstart your day. 

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 20g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 92ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 7th of September 九月七號

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