Rwanda Wakanda A1 盧安達 Wakanda A1


Dark Chocolate. Honey. Raisin.

Variety Red Bourbon
Processing Fully Washed
Altitude 1700-2100masl
Region Lake Kivu
Roast Level Dark Roast
Tasting Notes Dark chocolate, honey sweetness, raisin, black tea finish
Quantity 250g
About this coffee:


“Wakanda”咖啡櫻桃生長在海拔 1700 到 2100 呎之間。收集後,咖啡果在浮槽中被水漂浮,然後通過 Mckinnon 圓盤碎漿機,然後轉移到發酵槽,在那裡進行 14 小時的干發酵。然後通過足夠的清潔水在密度分級通道中對咖啡進行分類,在那裡我們按照 A、B 和 C 三種品質對咖啡進行分類。

這些不同的品質被單獨移動,在預乾燥台再次分類,然後轉移到非洲高架床上乾燥 16 到 20 天。乾燥後,這些咖啡豆會保存完好,等待時間去殼並由經驗豐富的女性進行分類,然後再裝入 Grainpro 和黃麻袋中出口。在這整個過程中,在清洗站接收咖啡果後,通過不知疲倦地分揀和漂浮,然後將豆子放在高架床上,故意避免令人擔憂的馬鈴薯瑕疵。此批次僅由 A 級 - 高品質咖啡豆組成。

今天,盧安達號稱是東非令人興奮的咖啡的最大來源地之一。極其肥沃的基伍湖地區提供了一些最美味、最精緻和最複雜的咖啡。我們慶祝他們對進步和轉型之旅的堅定奉獻!為此,我們說 URAKOZE(用基尼亞盧旺達語表示感謝——盧安達的官方語言)。

這濃縮咖啡深焙咖啡可製成柔滑厚實的咖啡。喝第一口時,你會得到一個香濃 72% 黑巧克力味,蜂蜜和葡萄乾粘稠的甜感。早上喝一杯拿鐵卡布奇諾的不錯選擇。

Named after the imaginary African nation that features in the movie, 'Black Panther', the coffee bean reminds us of Rwanda. One of the fastest developing East African nations, its resolve to ride on the winds of development are reflective of its resilient spirit.

The “Wakanda” coffee cherries are grown at altitudes ranging from between 1700 and 2100 masl. Once collected, the cherries are floated by water in the floating tanks before passing through a Mckinnon disc pulper and then transferred to fermentation tanks where they undergo 14 hours of dry fermentation. The coffee is then sorted in density grading channels by enough clean water where we do separate coffees by three qualities is Grade A, B and C.

Those different qualities are moved separately to be sorted again at the pre-drying tables and then transferred to raised African beds to dry for 16 to 20 days. When dried, these coffees are well kept and wait for time to be hulled and being sorted by experienced women before being packed in Grainpro and Jute bags for export. During this entire process, there is deliberate effort to avoid the feared potato defect by tirelessly sorting and floating the cherries after receiving them at the washing station and later the beans on the raised beds. This lot is composed of Grade A only - high quality dense coffee.

Today, Rwanda boasts to be one of the biggest sources of exciting coffees in East Africa. The exceptionally fertile Lake Kivu region offers some of the most flavourful, delicate and complex coffee profiles. We celebrate their unwavering dedication to progress and journey to transformation! And for this, we say URAKOZE (THANK YOU in Kinyarwanda - Rwanda’s official language).

This espresso dark roast coffee makes a bold smooth cuppa. You'll get a lovely 72% dark chocolate note on the first sip, honey & raisin sticky sweetness finish. A nice pick for a latte cappuccino in the morning.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 1.2
Ground coffee 20g
Espresso output 24g
Brew time 28-33 seconds
Brewing ratio 1 : 11
Ground coffee 20g
Total water 210ml
Water temperature 93ºc
Brew time 2-3 minutes
Roast Date 7th of November 十一月七號

50g, 250g pack ships in 1-2 working days
1kg pack roast to order, ships in 3-5 working days

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