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Ethiopia Limu Wolenso Dark Roast 衣索比亞 利姆Wolenso 深焙


Blueberry. Violet. Honey.

Variety Heirloom (74100, 74112 & 74165)
Region Jimma, Limu
Shimeket Daba
1900 masl
Roast Level Dark Roast

About this coffee :

要到達 Shimeket Daba 位於衣索比亞西部Limu Kossa 區 Wolemso 的120公頃大型咖啡農場,要經過一段漫長的旅程。在經過風景秀麗的綠色森林丘陵駕車並經過30分鐘的森林跋涉後,您會走過橫跨 Dembi 河的小木屋橋,經過一處小咖啡苗圃,然後到達農場的沖洗站。在海拔1780米的海拔高度,這是農場的最低點之一。

2008年,從清洗站升起的山丘被茂密的(Albizia gummifera),berbera(Milicia / African Teak)和相思樹覆蓋。如今,老樹與新咖啡樹並存,為新來者在半森林的家園提供了陰影。

Wolemso農場與眾不同的許多原因在於其中的護理和計劃。 Shimeket的父親曾經在70年代同一地區擁有一家咖啡農場,但在共產黨政府上台後就失去了它。 30年後,Shimiket有機會在同一地區要求土地。他首先了解咖啡樹需要蓬勃發展的知識,首先要確保自己找到的土地海拔高度理想,降雨適當且水源豐富。


Wolemso農場的部分產品還用於在Limu Genet鎮的Shimeket Daba的干磨廠生產日曬法特種咖啡。 Shimeket也在這裡培訓他的員工,以確保過程在每個步驟中都能保持質量。


It takes quite a journey to get to Shimeket Daba’s large 120-hectare coffee farm in Wolemso, in the Limu Kossa district of western Ethiopia. After a scenic drive through green forested hills and a 30-minute trek through the forest, you walk over a small log bridge spanning the Dembi river, past a small nursery of coffee seedlings, and arrive at the farm’s washing station. At an altitude of 1780 meters above sea level, this is one of the lowest points of the farm.

In 2008, the hills that rise from the washing station were covered in dense forests of(Albizia gummifera), berbera (Milicia/African Teak), and acacia. Today, the older trees live side-by-side with new coffee trees, providing shade for the newcomers in their semi-forest home.

A lot of what makes the Wolemso farm special is the care and planning that went into it. Shimeket’s father used to own a coffee farm in the same area in the 70s but lost it when the communist government came to power. Thirty years later, Shimiket had a chance to ask for land in the same area. Well-versed in what coffee trees need to flourish, he first made sure he found land that had the ideal altitude, proper rainfall, and a great source of water.

The cherries are then washed and processed using water from the Dembi river. The river itself is fed by a spring that flows from the base of Sekar mountain a few kilometers away, meaning it is pure, untouched water that the washing station uses. After washing, the beans are slowly dried on shaded African drying beds.

Part of the Wolemso farm’s produce is also used to produce natural sundried specialty coffee at Shimeket Daba’s dry mill in Limu Genet town. Here too, Shimeket trains his staff to ensure the process maintains quality at each step.

This dark roast coffee makes bold & fruity sweetness cuppa. Deep dark blueberry & violet notes, finish with lovely dark chocolate & honey-sweet aftertaste. A morning coffee that you'll look forward to when you wake up. 

Brewing Recipe :

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 220ml
Water temperature 95ºc
Brew time 2-2.30 minutes
Roast Date 1st of March 三月一號

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