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Costa Rica Volcan Azul Washed 哥斯大黎加 藍火山 水洗


青蘋果. 蓮霧. 紅糖
Green Apple. Water Apple. Brown Sugar.

Variety Caturra
Region Alajuela
Producer Alejo Castro
Roast Level Medium Roast
Tasting Notes

青蘋果. 蓮霧. 紅糖
Green Apple. Water Apple. Brown Sugar.

Quantity 200g

About this coffee :

Volcan Azul is a truly remarkable coffee estate located in the Alajuela region of Costa Rica and overseen by Don Alejo Castro. The fifth generation of his family to tend to the land, Alejo is an incredibly knowledgeable farmer, and the estate has a rich history which can be clearly traced back to the late 19th century.

The farm produces a vast variety of cultivars and varietals, such as Catuai, Caturra, Obata, Villa Sarchi and Gesha. Alejo continues to propagate new varietals every season, with the objective to continuously experiment and add diversity to his harvest.

This washed coffee makes a soothing cup. With juicy mandarin orange fruity notes & brown sugar sweetness. A medium full-bodied cup that makes a juicy & sweet espresso

Brewing Recipe : 

18g of coffee to 36g Espresso
28-35 seconds

18g of coffee to 290ml of water
3 minutes. Yield 260-270ml

Roasted on 3rd of November 十一月三號

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