Colombia Huila Pink Bourbon 哥倫比亞 粉紅波旁


Red Apple. Mandarin. Pomegranate.

Variety Caturra
Processing Washed
Region Huila
Altitude 1500masl
Roast Level Light Roast
Tasting Notes 紅蘋果和橙子。 柚綠茶回味。 石榴酸度。 果汁口感。
Red apple and mandarin. Pomelo green tea aftertaste. Pomegranate acidity. Juicy body.

About this coffee :

紅寶石莊園(Finca El Rubi)位於薇拉省南部的聖阿道夫(San Adolfo),海拔高度在1,650-1,800公尺之間。莊園主海內(Heiner Lazo)的父母將此莊園作為結婚禮物送給海內。「如果你愛這個女人,你會將世上最好的寶石送給她」,為了將最好的寶石送給太太,海內將莊園取名紅寶石莊園,將莊園產出的紅寶石(咖啡櫻桃),送給他的太太和三個女兒。

此款粉紅波旁採水洗處理法具有明亮的黃色調性,細緻的茶香伴有明亮的風味,亦為Single Origin阿吉(A-Ji)推薦批次。

The Ruby Manor (Finca El Rubi) is located in San Adolfo (San Adolfo) in the southern province of Vila, with an altitude between 1,650-1,800 meters. The parents of the manor Heiner Lazo gave the coffee farm as a wedding gift to Haine. "If you love this woman, you will give her the best gems in the world." In order to give the best gems to his wife, the farm was named Ruby, and the rubies (coffee cherries) produced by the farm were given away. To his wife and three daughters.

This pink bourbon washing treatment has a bright yellow tone, a delicate tea fragrance and a bright flavour. 

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 85ºc
Brew time 1.30-1.40 minutes
Roast Date 14th of August 八月十四號

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