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Colombia El Ancla Fresno Anaerobic 哥倫比亞 安克拉莊園 厭氧處理


粉紅番石榴。 可可。 紅酒
Pink Guava. Cocoa. Winey.

Variety Caturra
Anaerobic Natural 厭氣日曬處理
Region Quimbaya, Quindio
Roast Level Light Roast

About this coffee :

它來自我們的微型遊艇El Ancla或“ The Anchor”,該船擁有一個大型船錨作為當地地標。

哥倫比亞是一個有趣的地區,因為其地理上不同的海拔比世界上任何其他國家都提供了更多的風味。 哥倫比亞的11個緯度和8個海拔可以創造500多種變化。

這厭氧日曬咖啡可製成複雜而濃郁的甜咖啡。 您會得到粉紅色的番石榴和可可粉,並帶有酒香尾韻。 充滿活力和清新的咖啡。

It comes from our microlot, El Ancla, or ‘The Anchor’, which holds a large ship anchor as a local landmark.

Colombia is an interesting region in so much as the varying altitudes in its geography affords more flavor profiles than any other country in the world. Colombia’s 11 latitudes and 8 altitudes can create more than 500 variations. 

This Anaerobic natural coffee makes a complex & intense sweetness cup. You'll get pink guava and cocoa, finishing with a winey twist. A very vibrant and refreshing cuppa.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 15g
Total water 225ml
Water temperature 92ºc
Brew time 2.30 minutes
Roast Date 24th of April 四月二十四號

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