Seniman Kakao

Chocolate Bundles 口袋巧克力組合5口味

用馬來西亞本土種植的可可豆製造而成的巧克力Bar (口袋巧克力),是送禮最佳首選

這個組合裡的巧克力都是來自於Seniman Kakao。這些的單一產區巧克力都是使用馬來西亞頂級的可可豆製成, 添加少許的蔗糖以帶出不同產區巧克力獨特的風味。

The purest chocolate made with pure Malaysian cacao beans, makes the perfect gift.

Chocolate Bundle features all the chocolate bar from Seniman Kakao. The single origin chocolates are made with the best quality cacao bean you can find in Malaysia, add as little organic cane sugar as necessary to bring out it's unique flavour characteristics.  

Chocolate Bundles includes :

72% Cacao Chocolate 72% 可可巧克力
72% Cacao Coffee 72%可可咖啡
72% Cacao Chilli 72%可可辣椒
76% Cacao Cocoa Nibs 76%可可可可粒
Cranberry & Almond 蔓越莓與杏仁

Expiry Date: 28th February 2021 / 31st January 2021 for 72% Cacao Chocolate

有效期限: 2021年2月28號 / 72% 可可巧克力為2021年1月31號 

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