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Brazil Fazenda Trapia 巴西 Trapia莊園


Black Forest Cake. Licorice. Brazil Nuts.

Variety Yellow Bourbon & Mundo Novo
Processing Pulped Natural Processed
Region Baependi, Mantiqueira de Minas (IP) / Sul de Minas
Producer Andréa Rangel & Renato Moura
Altitude 1400masl
Roast Level Medium Roast
Quantity 200g

About this coffee :

Fazenda Trapiá 於 2005 年被 Andréa de Souza Rangel 和 Renato Pita Maciel de Moura 收購,當時他們剛從各自的 IT 和保險行業退休。該農場曾經屬於巴彭迪市長,該農場位於米納斯吉拉斯州南部,長期以來在該地區享有盛譽。儘管雷納托和安德烈亞都沒有農業背景,但他們一直夢想擁有一個農場。 Trapiá 不僅為他們提供了一個絕佳的機會來展示他們對農業的終生愛好,而且還為他們提供了咖啡的最佳生長條件,這是他們充分利用的。

這對夫婦購買農場時,只種植了 20,000 株咖啡樹,沒有任何咖啡基礎設施。該農場現在有 61 公頃(170,000 株)種植咖啡,這對夫婦建立了最先進的加工基礎設施。

當他們收購農場時,雷納托和安德烈亞將其名稱改為特拉皮亞,以紀念安德里亞的母親出生在巴西東北部的農場。 Trapiá 得名於巴西東北部常見的一棵樹。




Fazenda Trapiá was purchased by Andréa de Souza Rangel and Renato Pita Maciel de Moura in 2005, immediately upon their retirement from their respective jobs in IT and insurance. The farm once belonged to the mayor of Baependi, where the farm is located in Southern Minas Gerais, and has long been well-known within the region. Although neither Renato nor Andréa had backgrounds in agricultural business, they had always dreamed of owning a farm. Trapiá presented them not only with the perfect opportunity to manifest their life-long penchant for farming but also presented them with optimal growing conditions for coffee, of which they have made the most.

When the couple purchased the farm, there were only 20,000 coffee plants planted and no coffee infrastructure whatsoever. The farm now has 61 hectares (170,000 plants) under coffee and the couple has built state-of-the-art processing infrastructure.

When they acquired the farm, Renato and Andréa changed its name to Trapiá, in honour of the farm where Andrea’s mother was born, in northeastern Brazil. Trapiá takes its name from a tree common in northeastern Brazil.

Pulped natural coffees are pulped using the most widespread method in Brazil – that is, pulping without fermentation. The mucilage is partially removed, enough to enable the coffee to be delivered to the patios where it is regularly turned (“rolling” the fruits). 

All lots begin their drying on the patio, though some are finished at low, constant heat in the farm’s mechanical dryers. Throughout all stages, the drying process is controlled through periodic humidity measurements using a precise capacitance device.

This coffee has all the classic notes of Brazillian coffee, with chocolate dominant black forest and Brazil nut finish, pair with hints of liquorice note. On flat white, you'll get comforting toffee notes and a long caramelly finish.  A lovely coffee to start your day.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 1.6
Ground coffee 18g
Espresso output 30g
Brew time 25-33 seconds
Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 18g
Total water 290ml
Water temperature 93ºc
Brew time 3 minutes
Roast Date 4th of January 一月四號

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