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Bolivia Finca La Linda


黑森林。 覆盆子。 櫻桃。
Black Forest. Raspberry. Cherry.

Variety Java
Processing Natural
Region Caranavi
Altitude 1650masl
Roast Level Light Roast 
Tasting Notes 黑森林蛋糕,泡泡糖,覆盆子,成熟的櫻桃甜度
Black Forest Cake, Bubble-gum, Raspberry, Ripe Cherry Sweetness
Quantity 200g

About this coffee :

這是一個非常小巧且非常特別的900公斤微型莊園,來自佩德羅·羅德里格斯(Pedro Rodriguez)擁有的一個小農場拉琳達(La Linda)。在過去的十年中,羅德里格斯(Rodriguez)孜孜不倦地努力建設玻利維亞精品咖啡的生產和市場,以幫助數百名當地農民認識並意識到土地和農作物的潛力。

拉琳達(La Linda)位於波林達(Bolinda)的殖民地,該地區位於Caranavi鎮外約10公里的鬱鬱蔥蔥的山谷中。玻利達的殖民地成立於52年前,曾被稱為“玻利維亞琳達”或“美麗的玻利維亞”。多年來,這個名字被簡稱為 Bolinda,現在是該地區較大的定居點之一。

佩德羅·羅德里格斯(Pedro Rodriguez)於30年前進入咖啡行業,放棄了他的西裝和會計工作,以追求對農業的熱情。十五年前,佩德羅(Pedro)意識到了玻利維亞精品咖啡的潛力,在過去的十年中,他建立了一家名為 Agricafe 的有遠見的企業,該企業致力於在互信和互利的基礎上與咖啡生產者建立長期關係。

La Linda 是 Rodriguez 家族種植的第一個農場。它成立於2012年,生產的第一年是2015年。La Linda的面積為10公頃,其中咖啡為5.92公頃。我們離這個農場很近。從第一年開始我們就在那裡,從那以後每年都在看著它增長。

La Linda 的高海拔(海拔約1,482 -1,550米),由於夜間溫度穩定且白天溫度適中,有助於確保咖啡豆的緩慢成熟。緩慢的成熟會導致櫻桃和豆子中糖的濃度增加,從而有助於生產出更甜的咖啡。

在La Linda,佩德羅(Pedro)聘請波林達(Bolinda)社區的採摘者在收割期間仔細地手工採摘咖啡果。這些採摘者經過訓練,只能選擇最成熟的咖啡果,並且在收穫的整個過程中都要經過農場多次,以確保咖啡果在最佳時分採摘。

拉琳達(La Linda)的咖啡按品種精心組織,排列整齊,與該地區較傳統的農場相比,採摘更容易管理。佩德羅(Pedro)在該農場試用了多個品種,包括聖貝納多(San Bernardo),卡圖拉(Caturra)和爪哇(Java)。這個批次是100%Java。

這個非常特殊的批次是在 Rodriguez 家族的 Buena Vista 工廠精心挑選的,並於當日進行了日曬處理。交付咖啡後,將其放入浮選槽中,並除去所有浮標咖啡豆。然後將整個咖啡果在高架床上曬乾,並定期翻動以確保均勻乾燥。然後在非常低的溫度下在固定的完成乾燥。然後將咖啡運輸到拉巴斯,在那裡靜置1-2月,然後在Rodriguez家族的全新乾磨機中進行研磨去除內果皮。在工廠,再次通過機器和手工仔細篩選咖啡以去除任何瑕疵豆。


This is a tiny and very special 900kg micro-lot that comes from La Linda, a small farm owned by Pedro Rodriguez. Over the last decade, Rodriguez has worked tirelessly to build the production of, and the market for, Bolivian specialty coffee, helping hundreds of local farmers recognise and realise the potential of their land and crops.

La Linda is located in the colony of Bolinda, which lies in a lush, steep mountain valley around 10 kilometres outside of the town of Caranavi. The colony of Bolinda was founded 52 years ago and was once known as ‘Bolivia Linda’ or ‘Beautiful Bolivia’. Over the years this name was shortened to Bolinda, and it is now one of the larger settlements in the area.

Pedro Rodriguez entered the coffee industry 30 years ago, ditching his suit and his accounting job to pursue a passion for agriculture. Fifteen years ago, Pedro recognised the potential for specialty coffee in Bolivia, and over the last decade, he has built a visionary business called Agricafe, which focuses on forging long-term relationships with producers, based on mutual trust and benefit.

La Linda was the first farm that the Rodriguez family planted. It was established in 2012, and its first year of production was in 2015. La Linda is 10 hectares in size, 5.92 of which are coffee. We feel very close to this farm; we were there the first year it was planted and have watched it grow every year since.

La Linda’s high altitude—about 1,482 -1,550 metres above sea level—helps to ensure a slow maturation of the cherry because of the stable night-time temperature and mild day temperatures. The slow maturation leads to an increased concentration of sugars in the cherry and bean, which in turns helps to produce a sweeter cup of coffee.

At La Linda, Pedro hires pickers from the Bolinda community to carefully hand pick the coffee during the harvest. These pickers are trained to select only the very ripest cherries, and multiple passes are made through the farm throughout the harvest to ensure the coffee is picked at its prime.

The coffee at La Linda is meticulously organised by variety and is well spaced in neat rows, making picking much easier to manage than on the more traditional farms in the region. Pedro has trialled several varieties on this farm, including San Bernardo, Caturra,  and Java. This lot is 100% Java.

This very special lot was carefully hand picked and naturally processed on the same day at the Rodriguez family’s Buena Vista Mill.

After the coffee was delivered, it was placed into a floatation tank and all floaters were removed. The whole cherries were then dried on raised beds in the sun and turned regularly to ensure it dried evenly. The drying was then finished off at a very low temperature in a stationary drier. The coffee was then transported to La Paz where it was rested and then milled at the Rodriguez family’s brand new dry mill. At the mill, the coffee was carefully screened again by machines and also by hand to remove any defects.

This natural Java has lots of chocolate jammy mouthfeel, like black forest, raspberry & ripe cherry sweetness. A fruity coffee that will tantalise your taste buds.

Brewing Recipe : 

Brewing ratio 1 : 15
Ground coffee 18g
Total water 250ml
Water temperature 93ºc
Brew time 2-2.30 minutes
Roast Date 19th of October 十月十九號

200g pack coffee ship in 1-2 working days
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