Chocolate Concierge

70% 黑巧克力 Dark Chocolate - Batang Kali

Tropical Fruits. Tobacco.

Cacao Origin Batang Kali, Selangor
Ingredients 可可、糖、可可脂
Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter
Weight 50g

About this chocolate bar:

與單品咖啡豆一樣,單品巧克力由來自馬來西亞可可莊園的可可豆製成,以展現巧克力獨特的風味特徵。 可可豆經過33天的發酵。

Batang Kali 位於馬來西亞主要山脈的西坡上。 這些可可樹是由檳城種植園公司在 80 年代種植的,在我們於 2017 年修復它們之前已經被廢棄多年。

經過一年嚴格的耕作,我們終於收穫了。 較老的可可樹因其成熟的根而表現出更多的風土,製作出非一般的巧克力。 然而,大多數樹木需要廣泛和長時間的修復,我們不得不暫時限制我們在這裡的操作。

這意味著在我們將來重新審視它之前,這種增長將受到大自然的照顧。 巧克力的輪廓以風土為中心,表現出突出的礦物質、粗糖、熱帶水果和煙草。

Like single origin coffee beans, the single origin chocolate bar is made of cacao beans from a single Malaysian farm to exhibit its unique flavour characteristics. The cocoa beans have gone through 33 days of fermentation.

Batang Kali is located on the West-facing slope of the Malaysian main range. These cocoa trees were planted in the 80’s by the Penang Plantation Co and were previously abandoned for years before we rehabilitated them in 2017.

After a year of following strict farming practices, we were able to harvest. Older cocoa trees expressed more terroir due to their established roots, making unusual chocolate. However, most trees needed extensive and prolonged rehabilitation, we had to limit our operations here for the time being.

This means that this growth will be under nature's care until we revisit it in the future. The chocolate profile is terroir-centric, exhibiting prominent minerality, jaggery, tropical fruits, and tobacco.

Handcrafted in Kuala Lumpur
* Dairy and Gluten-free
* Suitable for Vegans

All chocolate bars are tempered chocolate, hence it does not melt easily and is safe to ship. We recommend leaving the chocolate bar aside overnight at room temperature once you receive it and the chocolate bar will be perfect to consume the next day.

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