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50% 椰漿巧克力 Coconut Milk Chocolate - Semai

Coconut Milk. Panela.

Cacao Origin Semai, Pahang
Ingredients 可可、糖、椰奶粉、可可脂
Cocoa, sugar, coconut milk powder, cocoa butter
Weight 50g

About this chocolate bar:

與單品咖啡豆一樣,單品巧克力由來自馬來西亞可可莊園的可可豆製成,以展現巧克力獨特的風味特徵。 可可豆經過 6 天的發酵,部分在橡木桶中發酵。

這巧克力棒由來自彭亨州 Semai 的可可豆與椰奶混合製成巧克力棒。 Semai(也意味著播種)是我們密切合作的土著人民的名字,他們通過影響 150 多個家庭的企業社會責任計劃收穫這種可可。

可可莊園位於馬來西亞彭亨州主要山脈的頂峰,海拔約 450m 或 1500 英尺,這裡的可可種植在混合作物農林業環境中。 它有非常甜美的椰子香氣。

Like single origin coffee beans, the single origin chocolate bar is made of cacao beans from a single Malaysian farm to exhibit its unique flavour characteristics. The cocoa beans have gone through 6 days of fermentation, part in oak. 

This chocolate bar is made of cacao beans from Semai, Pahang with a mixture of coconut milk into a chocolate bar. Semai (also means to sow) is the name of the indigenous people whom we work with closely to harvest this cacao through a CSR program that impacts more than 150 families.

Located at the peak of the Malaysian main range in Pahang at an altitude of around 450m or 1500ft, cocoa here is grown in a mixed crop agro-forestry setting. It has very sweet notes of coconut ondeh ondeh like notes.

Handcrafted in Kuala Lumpur
* Dairy and Gluten-free
* Suitable for Vegans

All chocolate bars are tempered chocolate, hence it does not melt easily and is safe to ship. We recommend leaving the chocolate bar aside overnight at room temperature once you receive it and the chocolate bar will be perfect to consume the next day.

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