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Freshly roasted coffee tastes amazingly delicious. Fresh coffee preserves beautiful aromatics originated from origin, hard work of coffee farmers who produce exceptional coffees. What makes coffee interesting, each coffee has its unique characteristics.

We love coffee. We love to taste and try varieties of coffee. We want to make freshly roasted coffee bean easily accessible to everyone, all around the world. Ensuring coffee bean freshness is at our top priority. Since 2014, we have been working very closely with the best artisanal coffee roasters in Malaysia and ensure every pack of coffee beans that you receive are freshly roasted, delivered to your doorstep.

Our roasters are passionate and experienced coffee professionals who strive to roast the best out of the beans. It takes time and effort in order to achieve that. The coffees are definitely worth savouring, and we hope that you get to enjoy delicious coffee everyday!


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